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Thx for all your help with this project.

Your professionalism and flexibility are truly wonderful.

I’m a big fan of the multi-axis moves, like lifting up while flying sideways and tilting down. We will definitely use this kind of bigger sweeping motion type shots more than things that feel like plates.

James is an FAA certified pilot and flies here in Vegas a ton.

I heard today went great.

Thanks so much for the support. Super helpful intel.

Thx for the hard work.

New York Director



This is great!  Thank you for going the extra mile.   If we film the MGM around Golden Hour, day and then night.   But love this.  Thank you.  Looking forward to working with you again.

That is perfect!  Thank you so much!

New York Senior Producer


Jim is our Drone Operator in Vegas. He's great to work with and very knowledgeable.

New York Production Coordinator


This is our 16th and final shoot for the season...all of them have been on multiple shoots, they are a great bunch!  I appreciate your willingness to work within our budget.

New York, Senior Production Manager


Hey Jim,

That’s great news, Flights over People. We’ve let our team know to factor in for future drone shoots.


New York Line Producer


Just checked out a few in my phone. Some really solid pics. Well done!!!

Perfect. Will send to client for approval.

Totally can relate with all the elements, changing light, filters, people, etc. That’s what also makes it exciting and rewarding.

The thing is that we worked to get to where we are. Didn’t just buy a drone and throw it up into the air. We know our s&#t.

Sick. I know who to call if there are any requests in the area.

We’re all set. Will be in touch though with future Vegas projects. Been a pleasure working with you. Cheers.

Los Angeles Director of Photography


Great job Jim! – really have a wide variety of beautiful shots for the film – this really kicks it up a level in production quality – good call to go for the light Saturday afternoon!

Thanks for sharing that.  Great work, I think that captures just what we were looking for!

Los Angeles Director


Thanks Jim, we are really looking forward to filming with you next week.  And I really appreciate all the thought you are putting into this.

It was such a pleasure to work with you, and the shots look great.  Definitely hope our paths cross again - am sure we’ll be back in Vegas!

Thanks for everything

London Director, Executive Producer


Hey Jim,

We heard back from our client. He was overwhelmed by the effort you put in, too. As the client was so impressed by your footage and cooperation, he also asked if you were interested in being booked for CES 2020.

Germany Production Coordinator, Leipzig


Hello, James,

You're the best! I find the places beautiful that convey a dense atmosphere.  The shots are super steady, which is perfect for my needs!  Thank you

Germany VFX Supervisor, Leipzig


Good Morning Jim, good news, I was able to get your signed approval for your upcoming event. I’d love to see some of your final products, it’s always fun to see how the work we provide here at the service centers are helping proponents be successful.

That is great to hear, thanks for sharing.  We’re not always able to do quick turns like that, but some days the planets align… Shoot me a link to the promotional video when you get a chance, that will be very cool to check out.

FAA, Western Service Center

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