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Jim Kegley is a pioneer in Drone Photography and an Expert FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.  His expertise goes back starting 20 plus years with 19 years as a Las Vegas Aerial Photographer.  He has photographed many city skylines including his famous works of Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Las Vegas along with all the National Parks in the Southwest USA Grand Circle.  His work (more than 50 million images) has been purchased for use in homes and businesses worldwide.


Jim's Skills Include:.


Over 1000 hours logged specializing in Drone Aerial Video Photography as a Commercial Drone Pilot in Las Vegas.

19 Years as a Las Vegas Aerial Photographer

Video Editing

Video Producer

Photoshop Artist

Marketing Director

Director of Photography

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications Artist

Davinci Resolve Colorist

Camera Car Operator


Area 51 Drone Services have an arsenal of Drones for many specific uses including 2 man operation setups for flying drones, one control for our Pilot and one control for our Camera/Gimbal Operator for video and still photography.


Area 51 Drone Services has extensive cross training with Ron McGee's pilot, flight training, flight experience, photography background and Jim's photography, videography, editor and graphic background which in turn gives Customers a well rounded experience.



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